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Our Process

“Wish List” – Every project starts with an initial consultation to discuss your “wish list”. This list usually includes your ideas, concerns, schedule and budget.

Initial Site Visit – Together, the client and the architect determine how the “wish list” fits onto the site. Walking the site helps establish the best placement, how to achieve the best views, and how the sun and shadows affect the design.

Bubble Diagram – The bubble diagram is based on the “wish list”. We prepare some rough design sketches that ban be used for further discussions that help the client to clarify what is most important on their “wish list”.

Site and Floor Plan Development – This phase reviews the initial design development, discuss the pro’s and con’s, and answers questions that may arise. The design will undergo a series of revisions until the client is satisfied with it.

Elevation Development – Initial sketches of the exterior design.

Interior Development – Initial study of the space relationship of the interior spaces.

Exterior Rendering – The final representation of the exterior design; including color and materials.

Detailed Construction Documents – These documents are the basis for the clients relationship with the contractor.  They are detailed and high quality, providing all of the information needed for building permitting and  construction.

Finish Photos